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Music Program TOKYO Workshop Workshop! Convivial Project Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Relaxed Performance
Concert for Everyone

For this performance, the word “relaxed” is all about tolerance.
A little different from other regular classical music concerts, we go easy with a slight noise or not sitting tight.
Full of friendly twists are welcoming you to enjoy music with all kinds of people, including individuals with autism spectrum disorder, developmental disabilities, and so on, who feel insecure at concerts in music halls.
We have body-sensible acoustic devices, a hearing loop, and captioning tablets for those who have difficulties in hearing.

Stay tuned as the detailed program and instructions for families and caregivers will be posted accordingly on this page 3 weeks before the performance.

Notice to Visitors to the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (Infection Prevention Measures)

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Date Sun, Nov 26, 2023 14:00-15:00 (Open 13:00) No intermission

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Main Hall

Genre TBK productions Orchestra Concert
Admission Ages Age 4 and above

Flyer (PDF)

Scenes from the past performance

Introduction video by DEAF/Sign navigator

Relaxed performances, different from other regular stage performances, are designed for everyone to enjoy in a cozy way regardless of disabilities or generations.

Those who feel insecure at concerts in theaters and music halls, related to their symptoms of autism spectrum disorder, communication disorder, developmental disabilities, and so on, can stay comfortable with their families and caregivers at the concert.

Guided by an emcee, the program is also welcoming those who are intimidated by classical music concerts, which seem to require strict etiquettes, and children aged 4 and above.

⁃ This performance is for ages 4 and above.

⁃ Wheelchair accessible seats and wheelchair transfer seats are available.

⁃ Japanese sign language is provided.

⁃ Audience members can bring their assistance dogs to this performance.

⁃ The auditorium light will not go completely dark.

⁃ The audience can leave the auditorium during the performance for chill-out.

⁃ There is a free seating area in the auditorium for those who feel uncomfortable to go back to their seats, or want to move from their seats for a while.

⁃ The text-to-speech program leaflet and the guide for assisting families and caretakers will be posted on this page 3 weeks before the performance.

⁃ The talk during the performance is provided in Japanese.

Program Leaflet

Program Leaflet (PDF)

Program Leaflet

Text-to-speech Program Leaflet (PDF *only in Japanese)

Guide for assisting families and caretakers

Guide for assisting families and caretakers (PDF *only in Japanese)


Conductor: TSUNODA Kosuke

Orchestra: Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra

MC: FURUHASHI Karin (Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Workshop Leader)

DEAF/Sign Navigators: KAWAI Yumiko, Sasa/Marie


LUMBYE: Kjöbenhavns Jernbane-Damp-Galop

J.STRAUSS II: Im Krapfenwald’l (Polka française)

SMETANA: “Vltava” from Má Vlast

ELGAR: from The Wand of Youth Suite No.2

3. “Moths and Butterflies,” 5. “The Tame Bear,” 6. “The Wild Bears”

ROSSINI: Thunderstorm from Il barbiere di Siviglia

ANDERSON: Sleigh Ride

TCHAIKOVSKY: “Waltz of the Flowers” from The Nutcracker

PhotoTSUNODA Kosuke, Conductor
PhotoFURUHASHI Karin, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Workshop Leader


Prices (tax included)

[Day tickets]

Seat S tickets go on sale at 13:00.


S2,750yen (1st floor: Wheelchair accessible seats, wheelchair transfer seats, and

hearing accessible seats are available.) *Wheelchair accessible seats, wheelchair transfer seats Sold Out

A1,650yen (2nd floor) *A Sold Out

Hearing accessible seats are for deaf or hard-of-hearing people with their families and caregivers. If the hearing accessible seats remain on the day of the performance, hearing people can also be seated.

Hearing accessible seats

This performance provides sound systems for deaf or hard-of-hearing audience so that their families and caregivers can sit together to enjoy music.


Body-sensible acoustic device seats

Body-sensible acoustic device “Bodysonic”

Bodysonic is a set of pouch and seat cushion installed with a vibrating device. By transferring vibration to the user’s body, the device assists deaf or hard-of-hearing users, including those with hearing loss wearing hearing aids or those with adventitious deafness, to enjoy music with the whole body along with sounds perceived from headphones and hearing loops. Those with congenital deafness can enjoy music with only the vibration provided by the device.

(Provided by Pioneer Corporation)


Hearing loop accessible seats

A “hearing loop” (also called a “magnetic induction loop” or “magnetic loop”) transmits sound picked up by a microphone directly to the hearing aid or cochlear implant, allowing the user to hear voices and music clearly. The sound sent from the loop can be heard through the T (telecoil) setting of the hearing aid or cochlear implant or through a dedicated receiver.

Please check in advance whether your hearing aid or cochlear implant is compatible with T setting and how to switch to T setting before purchasing a ticket. (Some manufacturers’ products or certain models are not compatible with T setting.)

* If you wish to have a hearing loop receiver, please purchase a ticket “with receiver.” Please note that there is a limited number of receivers.


Captioning tablet seats

(Captions are only in Japanese.)

While seated, you will use a hand-held small tablet device to view the workshop leader’s emceeing (spoken words) as text.

At this performance, we lend a dedicated tablet with light blocking screen to each user transmitting closed captions such as spoken words, music titles, and announcements in the auditorium.

* UDCastLIVE: An captioning app that provides captions and subtitles along with theater plays and other stage performances.

Seating Chart of Main Hall

Seating Chart (PDF)

On Sale Date

Sat, Jun 24, 2023

BOX Office

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Box Office

* Tickets for wheelchair accessible seats and wheelchair transfer seats are only available by telephone and in person.

* Persons having difficulties in hearing or speaking can be also assisted by Telephone Relay Service. (only available in Japanese).

Telephone Relay Service (The service is only available in Japanese.)

Telephone relay service enables those with difficulties in hearing or speaking to communicate with hearing people over the telephone in real-time through an operator as an intermediary, interpreting in either sign language, text, or voice. The service is available 24/7 for placing and receiving calls, including contacting emergency services.


User registration guide for people with difficulties in hearing and speaking (only in Japanese)

Other Information

* The program is subject to change under certain circumstances.
* Children under 4 years of age are not admitted.
* Child care service is available. (Reservation and fee required. A limited number of children is accepted.)
Event Child Care Service: Mother's 0120-788-222
Reservation must be made by Fri, Nov 17, 17:00.
* There is no elevator or escalator in the Main Hall of the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.
* The parking space at the venue is not allowed to use. Please contact us if you need to park wheelchair accessible vehicles.

† On the same day of the performance, some streets close to the Ueno Park will be closed to vehicles from 11:45 to 16:00 for an experimental event, “Ueno Hirokoji Hirobaka Jikken” to have a temporary pedestrian plaza organized by the Taito City Ueno Machizukuri Kyogikai.
Further Information

Organizers & Supporters

Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Government/Tokyo Bunka Kaikan operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture

Special Cooperation: Pioneer Corporation

* This program is held as part of Creative Well-being Tokyo.