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About our Music Library

Our Music Library has available to the general public materials on Japanese traditional music and ethnic music including opera, ballet, and classic music, and performance programs that we have been gathering and storing, since the beginning of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, since our opening in October 1961. Please do use our room to listen to musical sources and visual materials and to do research.

Materials in our archive: Approx 130,000 pieces

Numbers of materials are all approximate numbers

Musical source materials: 73,000 sheets
LP 39,000 records
CD 34,000 discs
Visual materials: 4,200 discs
LD / VHD: 1,800 discs
DVD 2,400discs
Musical scores: 34,000 scores
Composers, musical instruments, voice music, wind instruments, opera and ballet scores, etc
Items in the library: 20,000 items
General music
Musical magazines: 690 titles
Japanese magazines: 620 titles
Western magazines: 70 titles
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan performance programs
April 1961 ~

Number of seats

Viewing room: 25 seats; Listening room: 30 seats

In addition, you can access our database in the room on a dedicated desktop (NAXOS Music Library, historical audio source).

We also accept telephone calls for inquiries regarding our reference services (Contact and questions regarding our materials). In regards to details, please see our section on usage.
* Please see the pages of the section on using our listening room and checking out musical parts to groups.