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Notice to Visitors to the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (COVID-19 Precautionary Measures)

2022 Dec.09 (Fri)

Your understanding and cooperation are much appreciated to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

■Please refrain from visiting the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan if you meet the following cases.  

⁃ You have a sudden fever (about 1 degree higher than your normal body temperature), or your fever has been lasting continuously.
⁃ You seem to have a cold with symptoms such as a fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, and fatigue.
⁃ You have problems with your health condition other than those mentioned above, or you simply do not feel well.
⁃ You have tested positive for COVID-19, or you are in the self-isolation period designated by the Japanese government being a COVID-19 close contact.
⁃ You are in the self-isolation period designated by the Japanese government, having stayed in countries or regions, where the Japanese government’s entry ban or self-quarantine after landing into Japan apply.

■If you need to avoid visiting the venue for the performances presented by the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, which are scheduled to be held until the end of March 2023, a refund is available.

⁃ Please retain your tickets safely. Refunds will only be made for tickets with the stubs attached. Please contact the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Box Office for further details.
⁃ If you wish to claim a refund, please contact us within 3 weeks from the next day of the performance. Those who have purchased Event Discount Campaign tickets are asked to contact us within 1 week from the next day of the performance. Please note that no refunds can be made after this period.
⁃ For the performances presented by other organizers, please visit their official websites.

■Please follow the below measures against COVID-19.

⁃ Properly wear a fask mask and keep it on in the building. You are not allowed to enter the building without wearing a mask properly.
⁃ When you are at the venue, strictly follow the precautions against infectious diseases such as washing and disinfecting your hands frequently and the cough etiquette.
⁃ Food and beverages are allowed only in the specific area. (excluding minimum eating and drinking in silence to maintain your health condition.)
⁃ Refrain from loud conversations.
⁃ The cloakroom is closed except for large luggage for the time being.
⁃ Keep enough space (at least 1 meter) between yourself and others to practice social distancing.
⁃ We recommend that you keep a quick note of the date and time when you visit the venue.
⁃ Avoid unnecessary stopping on your way to our venue and on your way back home.

At the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, we have been taking measures with the utmost care to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, following the relevant guidelines and collecting the latest information from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government and its related authorities.

⁃ Our staff members conduct temperature and health screening every day. We make sure that all staff members wash and disinfect hands and gargle.
⁃ As a general rule, our staff members wear a face mask. Some of them may also wear gloves and other protective equipments when needed.
⁃ Acrylic sneeze guards are installed at places such as reception desks and counters.
⁃ Hand sanitizers are placed at doorways and restrooms.
⁃ We make sure to conduct cleaning, disinfecting, and ventilation, as well as disinfecting items for lending including wheelchairs.
⁃ Announcements and signs are placed in the building to remind social distancing.
⁃ Operating hours of some services including shops and restaurants might be shortened, or they might be closed.
⁃ Some of the equipment such as tables, chairs, sofas, and trash receptacles, are removed.
⁃ If a visitor or a staff is confirmed to be infected with COVID-19, we immediately notify the local public health center and deal it properly with the center. Information will be shared through our website and other means of communication when necessary.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

December 9, 2022
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture