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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How to use the facilities

Do you need to be qualified to use the facilities?
Anybody who is in middle school or older can view, listen, refer, and photocopy materials. If you are in elementary school, we ask that an adult accompany you.
Please tell me how to use the facilities
You have free access to what is in the library for the exception of certain items. You will not be allowed to bring in stationery into the library space, so please put your belongings in a coin locker (Coins will be returned at the end.).
All other materials are in the library's closed stack room. Please search with the index catalog and PC in the library, and put the search number on the slip. If you do not know how to search, please let our staff know.
Materials in our library can also be searched on the internet.

OPAC (Online Catalog)

There is no eating or drinking in the reading room.
Please do not use this room for purposes other than to view materials in our library, such as for resting and for studying.

I am using this library for the first time. How do I use this facility?
Please bring with you something by which we can verify your name and address (such as, a driver's license or your insurance card).
We will make a library card for you which will be valid for 2 years.
What is the cost?
It is free. Photocopy is 30 yen per copy.
Can materials be checked out?
Materials cannot be checked out (This excludes checking out orchestral parts to groups.). You can only view and listen to them inside the library.
Do you have past program leaflets of the performances held at Tokyo Bunka Kaikan?
You can view almost all leaflets of the performances since our opening in 1961.
Please complete the slip with the date of the performance.
You can also search music program and performers of the past performances on the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan online archive service.

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan archives
*only in Japanese

I wish to see back issues of magazines.
Please complete the magazine name and the issued year and month on the slip.
You can search the magazine title and its availability on the online catalog (Web OPAC).

OPAC (Online Catalog)

I wish to bring my PC (tablet) into the library.
To prevent the photocopying and duplication of materials, we ask that you use your PC in the designated area of the Reading Room (scanners and cameras are not permitted). We do not allow the use of your PC in the Viewing & Listening Room.
Also, you cannot request for listening materials when you are using your PC.