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Greetings from the President

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan was founded in 1961, building a brilliant history as the Music Hall of Fame of Japan for more than half a century.

On our stage, legendary maestros have played a majestic score with their baton, divas of our century have mesmerized our audience with their lustrous voice, and dancers whose names are etched in the history of dance have given us a wonderful physical performance that's in a class of its own.

Performing arts feed our sensibilities, our soul, and our spirit. In truth, from the ancient times to today, people have created, enjoyed, and passed down art in its many forms.

Japan is facing a serious decline in birth rate and increase in the population of the elderly. Messages that art delivers and the energy that art gives to our spirit will continue to be needed. We need to believe in the power of art, and Tokyo Bunka Kaikan will continue to serve as the Hall of Fame and a place that spreads art to the public.

President, Hisashi Hieda


Fuji Media Holdings, Inc., CEO & Chairman / Fuji Television Network, Inc., CEO & Chairman

Born December 31, 1937. Graduated from Faculty of Education, Waseda University.

Apr-61 Joined Fuji Television Network, Inc.
Jun-83 Promoted to a Director of the Board / Editor in Chief
Jun-86 Promoted to Managing Director charged with General Development Section
Jun-88 President and CEO of this company
Jun-01 Chairman and CEO of this company
Apr-03 The Japan Commercial Broadcasters Association, Chairman
Jul-03 CEO of Fuji Sankei Group (current post)
Oct-08 Fuji Media Holdings, Inc., CEO & Chairman (current post)
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