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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Photocopy services

I wish to copy sheet music
We will determine whether your requested material can be copied based on Copyright Act Article 31 and the rules of the Music Library.
You cannot copy imported sheet music (what is published overseas) on which the copyrights of the rights holder's (music writer, lyrics writer, arranger) are still valid.
A set of orchestral score and parts is limited to a score and 5 parts for even those whose copyrights have ended.
Regarding sheet music that is published in Japan and whose copyrights are still valid, only less than a half of one sheet music (1 page if there are 3 pages) can be copied.
I wish to copy sheet music that is no longer in print.
You cannot copy all pages of sheet music whose copyrights are still valid.
You will need a written permission of the copyrights holder.
Can I copy CDs?
You cannot copy or dub musical materials (CD, LP) and visional materials (laser discs and DVDs).
If you copy them, please be aware that we may ask you to leave the library.
Can the liner notes on the booklets of CDs and LPs be copied?
You can copy less than a half of the pages each of liner notes, lyric, and libretto with side-by-side translations per music work.