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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Orchestral Parts

We wish to register as a group. Please let me know the terms and conditions.
The condition is that you are an amateur organization with activities in metropolitan Tokyo.
You must be an organization that is already active and we do not consider organizations that are about to start its activities.
I would like an application form for checking out orchestral parts.
If you are a group that will be registering for the first time, we will explain how to use our library, so please visit our counter. If you are a group that is renewing your registration, you can also download this application from our website. In the case of mail, please send us an envelope with the postage prepaid, which is a 84 yen stamp. If you wish to do this by FAX, please contact us by telephone.

Application DL

When you submit your application, please bring it to the counter.
Who shall I choose as my guarantor?
Groups of middle school and high school students should ask their advisor.
Other groups can select any adult and this adult need not be a group member.
We will send a group user card to the guarantor, so please let us know who is more reachable.
What should we do if we do not have group rules?
If middle school or high school group, please submit something that will tell us that your group is part of the school activities (a copy of a document such as the description of club activities in the students' handbook).
General groups are asked to submit their application after you complete the group's name, purpose, organization (directors, staffs), group members' qualifications, group rules, and description of its activities.
Somebody besides a group member who is a user wishes to check something out.
Users who are the 3 who registered can check anything out and return them. When others come to the room, please be aware that they will not be able to check anything out.
I wish to make the user and main user the same person.
Please try to designate a different person here. If not doable, please always set 3 persons as the users.
I wish to take a copy of the orchestral parts to avoid them get dirty while in use.
Absolutely do not copy the orchestral parts that you checked out.
Using copied orchestral parts at a performance can create an international problem.
If you copy checked out orchestral parts, we may cancel your group registration immediately, so please be careful.
What kind of orchestral parts are available? I wish to know whether my requesting parts can be checked out.
Please contact us by telephone.
03-3828-2111 900~1700 (between Tuesday and Saturday when the library is open)
When the piece is already checked out, you can request it to be reserved.