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Getting Here

Access route for visitors with disabilities

Vision Impaired Persons
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Ueno Station: r Elevator

Tokyo Metro Ginza Line Ueno Station: r Elevator

  1. Use the pedestrian bridge side elevator to get to street level
  2. Exit tracing the braille blocks and turn left when you find the second caution block
  3. Continue for 50 meters following the braille blocks until you find caution blocks and turn left at them
  4. Trace the braille blocks and continue directly forward for 60 meters
  5. On this 60 meter way you will pass caution blocks two times
  6. The third time you find caution blocks, continue for five meters to find a staircase and continue up the stair
  7. The staircase has 45 steps in total and there is a landing every 15 steps
  8. At the place you find caution blocks for the third time, you will also find an audio guided escalator in the 2 o'clock direction
  9. The up and down escalators are next to each other, the nearest escalator should be the up escalator
  10. There are no braille blocks until you get in front of the escalator so please be careful when heading to the escalators
  11. At the upper end of the staircase there are caution blocks
  12. The guidance blocks continue from the left side so please trace them and continue onward
  13. At the first caution block turn left
  14. Continue directly on like this for 120 meters and you will find a slope that continues upwards for 15 meters
  15. After you have reached the top of the slope, continue further for another 30 meters and you will find caution blocks
  16. In front of you there will be three bicycle barriers, and the braille blocks end so be cautious and continue onwards
  17. You will find braille blocks again, so trace them and continue forward until you find caution blocks, turn right at the caution blocks
  18. At the next caution block the braille blocks end
  19. Continue to the left along the slightly curved path for 55 meters and you will find guidance blocks but these do not take you to the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan so please be careful
  20. From there after another 7 meters forward you will find again guidance blocks but these also do not lead towards the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan so be careful
  21. From there the way becomes a slight upward slope, follow the slightly curved path 40 meters to the left and there will be the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan entrance
  22. The door is automatic and there are caution blocks in front of the entrance