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Keisei Ueno Station: Front Exit

Keisei Ueno Station: Front Exit

  1. Exit from the ticket gate and then from the station's Front Exit
  2. Braille blocks continue from inside the station
  3. There are caution blocks boardering the sidewalk and the stations Shomen Gate
  4. Continue a little way ahead until you find caution blocks again, there turn left
  5. Continue directly onwards for 160 meters
  6. As you continue you will pass caution blocks 6 times
  7. At the 7th block, turn right once then left once and a slight turn to find the stairs and continue up the staircase
  8. The staircase has 36 steps in total, at the 18th there is a landing
  9. At the 7th block, continue directly forward and there will be an elevator
  10. After climbing the stairs there will be again, braille blocks, trace them and continue directly forward
  11. Continue up the gentle slope
  12. After continuing directly forward for 150 meters, the braille blocks will be intermittent
  13. From the place where the braille blocks become intermittent, continue directly forward for 20 meters and you will find guidance blocks, but there are none that lead towards the Tokyo Bunka Kiakan so continue cautiously
  14. From there, keep going for 7 meters and you will find again guidance blocks, these also do not lead you to the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan so continue cautiously
  15. From there, the way becomes a gentle slope that curves slightly to the left follow this for 40 meters to find the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan entrace
  16. The door is automatic and there are caution blocks infront of the entrance