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Getting Here

Access route for visitors with disabilities

Vision Impaired Persons
JR Ueno Station: Park Exit (Park Gate)

JR Ueno Station: Park Exit (Park Gate)

  1. Exit from the Ticket Gate at the Park Exit
  2. The braille blocks continue from inside the station so trace them and continue directly forward
  3. At the caution blocks turn right once, then left once and you will find the stairs
  4. There are 3 steps, which you will go down
  5. There are braille blocks at the bottom of the stairs, trace them and keep going
  6. After several steps you will find more caution blocks and a beeping traffic light, cross over at this crossing
  7. Cross directly over the crossing and you will find more caution blocks, at these turn right
    *Please be sure not to follow either vertical paving of guidance blocks on the left and right that continue to a planting area. They do not continue to the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
  8. From here there are no braille blocks to guide you so please continue carefully
  9. The way becomes a slightly upward slope with a path curving to the left, continue on for 40 meters and you will find the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan entrance
  10. The door is automatic and there are caution blocks in front of the entrance