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Tokyo Music Competition




Is the 18th Tokyo Music Competition going to be held?
Yes, it is going to be held.
Is there any possibility that I can get my entry fee back?
If the competition is held, the entry fee is not refundable.
What kind of measures will be taken to prevent the COVID-19 (the novel coronavirus) spread?
We are planning to place alcohol sanitizers at the venue, to keep the green rooms with less-crowded participants, and so on. Also, the staff members will wear face masks.
For the participants, thermographic inspections will be conducted at the entrance of the venue. In case of a suspicious result, we may ask you to take your temperature with a thermometer.
If you have the following symptoms, please let us know before coming to the venue.
  • You have a sudden fever (37.5°C/99.5°F or higher), or your fever has been lasting continuously.
  • You seem to have a cold with symptoms such as a fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, and fatigue.
  • You have problems with your health condition other than those mentioned above.
Please let us know if you had a cold later on as well.
I noticed that I cannot enter Japan by restrictions on immigration, after completing the payment of entry fee. Can I get a refund for the entry fee?
Please contact the secretariat.
What should I do if a state of emergency is declared in Japan?
The Japanese government has declared a state of emergency on April 7; however, the application for the competition will open on Monday, April 13 as initially planned. Currently, the competition is scheduled to take place. If anything changes depending on the situation, we will update information on certain media such as our official website.
Will the competition still take place if the government asks to refrain from non-essential, non-urgent outings and traveling?
As of now, we are proceeding within the schedule of holding the competition. If anything changes depending on the situation, we will update the information accordingly on our official website, etc.

The Application

When will I be informed of whether my application was accepted?
If you applied by post, the notification of acceptance/rejection for the competition will be sent out by Monday, May 18, 2020. If you applied online, the notification is to be posted on My Page on May 18, 2020 at 12:00 noon.
Must all pieces be played from memory?
All performances shall be performed from memory unless it is noted to play with music at the 18th Competition.
Can I request my performance date for the first round? When will it be decided?
The contestants cannot request the performance date. The competition secretariat will designate the date after the application is accepted and notify the performance date along with the acceptance/rejection notice.
I have not booked my accompanist yet. May I still apply without one confirmed?
No, you cannot. Please apply after you booked an accompanist and fill out the accompanist information on the form during the application period.
There are dates when my accompanist is not available among the designated performance dates for the first round. Can I request another date?
No, you cannot. You may have different accompanists on different dates. Therefore, please apply after you have booked your accompanists for all the possible dates. Changes afterward are not accepted as a rule.
For July 1,2: John Doe
For July 3: Jane Doe
May I change my accompanist after submitting my application documents?
You cannot change your accompanist, as a rule. If, after submission, you have unavoidable circumstances, please contact the Secretariat.
May I change the pieces I will perform after I complete my submission?
When you apply by post, you may not change anything after completing the submission.
When you apply online, you may change it on My Page, however, limited to only during the submission period. No changes can be made after the submission period has ended.
I was the finalist at the previous Competition. May I be exempted from the first round?
You would be exempted from the first round only if you placed 2nd or 3rd at the previous competition. If you did not, you are required to participate in the first round again.
[Voice section] Am I allowed to sing what I sang in the first round in the second and final rounds?
You cannot perform the same song twice. The pieces that you sing in the first, second, and final rounds must be different from another.

For applicants residing overseas

I live overseas. Would I be able to ask the Secretariat to assign my accompanist?
If you wish to have us assign your accompanist, please make sure to check the box "I request to have my accompanist assigned by the secretariat." in the application form. Please also note that the contestant bears all costs for accompanist.
Is there any practice rooms onsite?
If you wish to have a practice room, please contact the Competition Secretariat for the arrangement when applying for the entry.