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SOYU RAKU-RAKU NIGHT LIVE Vol.57—The Collaboration of Music and Rakugo—

Popular series of music and Japanese comedic story-telling collaboration at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.

* The curtain time has been changed as below from the initial announcement. (as of Apr 14)
Upon attending the performance, please visit this link to go through our precautionary measures to help prevent the COVID-19 spread and notice to visitors.
Please note that the performance is subject to change depending on decisions, orders, etc. by the Japanese and Tokyo Metropolitan Government and other governmental authorities.

Date Thu, Jul 15, 2021 18:30~20:00 (Open 17:50)

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall

Genre TBK productions Concert

Flyer (PDF)

Bag check

Please allow enough time on arrival for the security check of your belongings at the entrance.

Notice to our patrons who are attending this performance

Please follow the below measures to help prevent the COVID-19 spread. Your understanding and cooperation are much appreciated.

⁃ We ask you not to come to the venue if you seem to have symptoms such as a fever, cough, sneezing, sore throat, or simply not feeling well.

⁃ Wear a face mask to cover your nose and mouth. Please show consideration for fellow audience members.

⁃ Strictly follow the precautions against infectious diseases such as the cough etiquette and washing and disinfecting your hands frequently.

⁃ Our staff members conduct temperature screening with thermal imaging cameras for all those who are entering the venue. If you have a fever of 37.5°C/99.5°F or higher, you are not allowed to enter the venue.

⁃ No beverage is sold in the Recital Hall area.

⁃ Show your ticket to the usher. Then tear off the stub by yourself and put it in the box.

⁃ We do not hand out program leaflets and such printed materials. Please pick them up by yourself from specific areas.

⁃ The cloakroom is closed except for large luggage.

⁃ We do not accept flowers and gifts for the artists. Nor can you give them directly to the artists.

⁃ Allow enough time to get into the venue.


Rakugo (Traditional Japanese comedic storytelling): SHUNPUTEI Aikyo

Music Performance: Castle In The Air

TANIKAWA Koko (Piano)

WATANABE Kazumi (Guitar)

Comedic Violin Performance: Magnum KOBAYASHI


◇View artists profiles (only in Japanese)


First Part: Mini Concert

HAVANA (Written by: TANIKAWA Koko)

MOMO (Written by: TANIKAWA Koko)

Nekovitan X (Written by: WATANABE Kazumi)

Infância (Written by: Egberto GISMONTI)

Cavatina (Written by: Stanley MYERS)


Second Part: The Collaboration of Music and Rakugo (Japanese comedic story-telling)

“Okiku no Sara (O-Kiku’s Plates)” (Japanese comedic storytelling with illustrations and English subtitles)

PhotoSHUNPUTEI Aikyo, Rakugo
PhotoWATANABE Kazumi, Guitar
PhotoTANIKAWA Koko, Piano
PhotoMagnum KOBAYASHI, Comedic Violin Performance


Prices (tax included)

Reserved Seats 1,650yen


[Day tickets]

Tickets go on sale at 17:30.


* The tickets are on sale by following the guidelines and other regulations set by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. Please note that the ticket sales including those for the additional tickets are subject to suspension depending on the restriction of the seating capacity and the sales situation.

* The frontmost row is the row A.

* On the ticket sales starting date, the tickets will be on sale at the half seating capacity. We may sell additional tickets for the unoccupied seats at a later date.

[Update on Jun 23] * We will sell additional tickets from Thu, Jun 24 in response to the lifting of seating capacity restrictions. The tickets will be on sale by keeping either left or right next to the booked seat unoccupied.

(The information has been changed as above from the announcement on the flyer.)

Seating Chart of Recital Hall

View Seating Chart

On Sale Date

Sat, Apr 17, 2021

BOX Office

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Box Office

Other Information

* The program is subject to change under certain circumstances.
* Pre-school children are not allowed to attend this performance.


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan operated by Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture/ Rakugo Geijutsu Kyokai