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Other News

NODAIRA Ichiro appointed Music Director of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

2021 Aug.20 (Fri)

We are pleased to announce that the pianist and composer NODAIRA Ichiro will assume the position of Music Director of the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan on September 1, 2021.
In addition to his activities as a conductor and a producer, he has been involved in music education and has made a great contribution to the music culture of Japan. Together with him, we will further focus on providing our patrons with more stage performances, producing and nurturing young musicians, and working on social issues. We hope these activities lead us to become Music and Performing Arts Hall of Fame, where diverse people can share the excitement.

Greetings from our new Music Director, NODAIRA Ichiro

The Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is a place that I feel very close to, having visited many times and listened to many kinds of music since I aspired to a career in music, and the things I have learned here have been essential fertilizer for my growth. I believe that the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan has not only fostered musicians, but has also created a new audience for classical music.
I have several visions for my new position as Music Director of the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.
First of all, I would like to attract a wide range of audiences, both in terms of age and musical genre. I believe that there is a kind of “generational cycle” that we need to pass on to the younger generation so that they can also experience the wonder of music. I also envision the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan to be the best concert venue unique to Tokyo, delivering the local characteristics of Tokyo to the world. Furthermore, I would like to make the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan a place where people can feel that there is always something “actual” going on by discovering the diversity and new values that can enrich the world of music.
The Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is a complex and comprehensive facility that houses the Music Library and rehearsal rooms, and I would like to make sure that it can fully demonstrate the roles of these facilities.
As a performer and composer, I would like to pass on what I have learned from my experiences at the Tokyo Bunka Kaikan to the younger generation of audiences and everyone who appreciates music culture.


• Upcoming performance featuring Mr.Nodaira
Platinum Series Vol.2 NODAIRA Ichiro-HORI Masafumi-TSUTSUMI Tsuyoshi
Japan’s Proud & Legendary Trio
Date & Time: Sat, Nov 20, 2021 15:00
Venue: Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Recital Hall