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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

About Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

As well as to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the city

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan opened in April 1961, in response to public request for a venue to enjoy opera and ballet in Tokyo, as well as to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the city, by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.


"Miraculous" acoustics

Even today, they continue to offer fascinating opera, ballet and classical music concerts etc... by international artists. "Tokyo Bunka Kaikan" is known the world over for its "miraculous" acoustics.

Music palace

The Main Hall seats 2,303 people and is used for opera, ballet, and large orchestras. The Recital Hall seats 649 people and houses chamber music performances and recitals. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan also has rehearsal rooms and various meeting rooms; furthermore, there is a music library. It was designed by Mr. Kunio Maekawa, who is now deceased. Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is often described by the public as a leading modernistic architecture, a "music palace."

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Outline

5-45, Ueno Koen, Taito-Ku, Tokyo Japan
Main Building
Exposed reinforced concrete First Basement 4 stories below the ground
New Rehearsal Building
Exposed reinforced concrete Second Basement First Basement
Dimentions Proportions
Lot area Building area Total Floor area
Main Building 7,459m2 21,234m2
New Rehearsal; Building 86m2 1,334m2
Total Lot Area 10,370m2 7,545m2 22,568m2
Total Cost of Construction
Main Building
1,630,000,000 yen
New Rehearsal Building
Start of Construction
Main Building
January; 1959
New Rehearsal Building
May 1983
completion of Construction
Main Building
March 1961
New Rehearsal Building
November 1984
Architectural Design Office
Mayekawa Associates, Architects & Engineers
Yokoyama Architects and Design Office
Acoustical Design
Science & Technical Research Laboratories
Construction Manager
Tokyo Metropolitan Memorial Cultural Hall, Architects Office
Shimizu Corporation
Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Administration of Designee
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture Group
Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture
Suntory Publicity Service Limited.

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

5-45, Uenokoen, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8716, Japan
TEL:03-3828-2111 Ticket Service:03-5685-0650