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Listening Room

The listening room is rented to groups and individuals who live, work, and go to school in metropolitan Tokyo. You can record performances and use this room for mini concerts.

* Since the listening room is used also as a place to create original productions of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan (workshops, etc), please note that sometimes the dates and times when it is available may be limited.
To inquire about the openings before we start to take reservations, please contact us by telephone at around the end of month.

Purpose of usage
  1. Recording of performances by an individual or group (classical music, traditional Japanese music, ethnic music)
  2. Performance and recording of mini concerts by an individual or group (same as above)
* This room can be used only for practice, and this room cannot be used for purposes other than for lessons and recitals for children and it cannot be used for for-profit purposes.
Who are qualified to make a reservation Persons who live, work, and go to school in metropolitan Tokyo.
* Elementary school students and younger are not allowed to enter this room.
How to make a reservation
  1. During the hours that the Music Library is open, please present at a counter a document by which we can confirm your qualification to make a reservation, and complete the Listening Room Usage Application.
  2. You cannot make reservations by telephone.
  3. When using the facilities as a group, please enter the name of all persons in the remarks column.
When you can make a reservation We take reservations from the 1st of the month prior to the usage month until the day before the usage date on a first-come first-served basis. When the start date of making a reservation falls on a date that the room is closed, reservations will be taken from the day after.
Hours 13:00~14:50、15:00~16:50
* This shall exclude August and days when the building is closed.
Limit on usage
  • Usage is once a month (1 hour 50 minutes) for an individual or a member of a group.
  • You cannot use the facilities if you belong as a member to multiple groups.
  • If you have already used the facilities in the current month, you will be declined usage.
Amenities in the room 1 piano, reproduction equipment (DAT, CD, cassette tape) 1 of each, recording equipment (cassette tape, MD) 1 of each;
* Please bring your own recording tape and MD.
Cancellation of usage You cannot change the usage date. Also, in the event you no longer can use it on this date, please let us know as soon as possible by telephone. If you cancel without telling us, we may not allow you to make reservations again.
Please note
  1. We ask that the user operate the equipments in the room.
  2. This usage time includes your preparation and cleanup times. Please return the room to its original condition when you are done.
  3. In this room we do not allow activities to collect viewing fees, and the taking of participation fee, registration fee, and transportation fees, or the selling of items.
  4. We absolutely do not allow food and beverages into the room.
  5. We absolutely do now allow the piano to be internally manipulated.
  6. If you damage our facilities or amenities or anything disappears from this room, you will be required to make restitution.
  7. If you breach the rules above, if you do not follow the instructions of our staff, we will ask you to stop using our room even if you are in the middle of using the room, and you will no longer be able to make room reservations with us.
  8. We do not allow you to bring in large equipments into the room to photograph, videotape, or record
  9. Nothing can be checked out in August

Please also refer to the FAQ for our listening room.