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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Listening Room

Please tell me the qualification for usage
Persons who live, go to school, and work in metropolitan Tokyo are qualified.
In the case of group, if the main user is qualified then this user can use this room.
I wish to use the room for my recital.
The listening room can be used for mini concerts, and to record classical music, traditional Japanese music, and ethnic music. This room cannot be used for recitals for children, for practice, and for lessons.
From when do you take reservation appointments?
We take requests at the counter, starting at 1130 on the first of the month prior to the month of usage. It is first-come first-served.
For example, reservations for May will start on April 1st (When we are closed on April 1st, it will start on the day after.).
* Please note that you cannot check anything out in August.
Can I make this reservation by telephone?
We take reservations at the counter. You can check our reservations schedule by telephone but, because it is first-come first-served, sometimes the date you wish for may not be available.
The date I reserved has become no longer good for me.
You cannot change your reservation.
In the event you can no longer keep your reservation for reasons beyond your control, it will be cancelled, so please do let us know by telephone.
If you cancel without telling us, please be aware that we may not take your reservation request at the next time.
Is there a limit on the number of times I can make reservations?
You can make reservations once a month.
Even when you make a reservation as a member of a group, it will be counted as once so please be aware.
Do I make my own recordings?
Yes, there is a MD recorder and cassette recorder in the room, so please bring a recordable MD or cassette tape and record it yourself.