Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Music Workshops in Tachikawa "Workshop Concert -Brass Quintet" [Venue: Tamashin Risuru Hall ]

Discover a whole new world broadening with music across all ages—from infants to adults
Interactive concert by seeing, listening, and experiencing 

Event details

Date & Time & Ages

Sat, Nov 24, 2018
 [1]10:30-11:30 Ages: 4-6(Pre-school children) Companion: 1
 [2]12:30-13:30 Ages: 19 months-3 years Companions: Up to 2


Tamashin Risuru Hall (Tachikawa City Civic Hall) (Access)


20 per class


Prices (tax included)

300yen  In-advance application required.
*The payment is accepted on the event's day
*Companions (Junior high school students or older) are required to pay the participation fee.


Application period: Mon, Sept 3 - Mon, Nov 12
*A lottery will be conducted if the application number exceeds the capacity limit. Door tickets will go on sale if there are open spots.

[Door Tickets]
[1]Tickets for both participants and companions go on sale at 10:00.
[2]Tickets for both participants and companions go on sale at 12:00.

Other Information

To Caregivers:

Each workshop is prepared only for the admission ages. Small children excluding the admission ages such as participants' siblings are not allowed to attend the workshop. Your understanding would be highly appreciated.

On participating in workshops:

- The workshops are conducted only in Japanese.
- The admission ages are determined as of the actual date of the event.
- Estimated duration of each workshop is 1 hour.
- Late-comers are not allowed to enter once the workshop has started. Please allow enough time to get into the venue.
- Please join with easy-to-move outfits.
- There are some movements for a pair of one child and one companion during some of the workshops. Please note that the staffs cannot assist in case 2 children participate with one companion.
- Due to unavoidable circumstances, all workshop programs are subject to last-minute changes and cancellations.
- Photography and video recording may occur during the workshop.

Organizers & Supporters

Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Government / Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture) / Tachikawa-Community&Culture Foundation


Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

5-45, Uenokoen, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8716, Japan
TEL:03-3828-2111 Ticket Service:03-5685-0650