[Door tickets for a TBK Production] Jul 25 Music Workshop Festa 'Summer'

2018 Jul.24 (Tue)

Door tickets for the events on July 25 (Wed) of "Music Workshop Festa 'Summer'" are available at each check-in venue as follows :

"Workshop Concert -String Quartet-"
 [1]10:30-11:30 (6-18 months)
 Tickets for both participants and companions go on sale at 10:00.
 [2]12:00-13:00 (19-35 months) 
 Tickets for only companions go on sale at 11:30.
 *Up to 2 tickets for companions(Junior high school students or older) can be purchased. The companion tickets for class [2] can be purchased by those who already hold the participant tickets.
 Venue: Kita-ku Takinogawa Kaikan Small Hall
 Ticket booth/Check-in: in front of Kita-ku Takinogawa Kaikan Small Hall
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"Nouvelle Cuisine"
 15:00-16:00 (Elementary school students-Adults)
 Tickets go on sale at 14:30.
 Venue: Hoku Topia Pegasus Hall
 Ticket booth/Check-in: Hoku Topia Pegasus Hall Lobby
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Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

5-45, Uenokoen, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8716, Japan
TEL:03-3828-2111 Ticket Service:03-5685-0650