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About Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
Is there parking space for cars and bicycles?
No, there is no parking space for the audience, please use parking spaces around Ueno Koen.
※Information about parking spaces is here.


When is information about the performances updated on your website?
Information regarding performances at the Large Hall and the Small Hall is updated three months in advance.
Changes in performances will be updated at as they arise.


Can I eat and drink in the hall?
No, eating and drinking are permitted only in the hall foyer.


Can I smoke?
No, smoking is not permitted except for in the designated smoking areas which are located on the north side of the terrace in the Large Hall and the south side of the terrace in the Small Hall.


Are there cloakrooms?
There is a cloakroom in the Large Hall, and there are coin-operated lockers in the Small Hall. (100yen deposit)


I left my stuff in the hall, what shall I do?
Please contact Service at 03-3828-2111


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About the Performances


Can I enter the Hall, if I have lost or forgotten my ticket?
No, generally you cannot enter the Hall without your ticket.
Please contact the organizer if you have lost or forgotten your ticket.


Can you tell me what are the breaks there are in the performances, and what the ending time(s) are?
It depends on the performance. Please contact the organizer or Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.


If I reach the Hall and the performance has already started, can I still enter?
You can still enter, however you might have to wait, it depends on the performance.
Although an usher can guide you, please contact the organizer for more details.


Can I leave the Hall during a break?
Yes, you can. Please get a reentry ticket at the reception desk before you leave the Hall and show it when you come back.


Can I record or film a performance?
No, you can not unless you have received specific permission.


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About Booking Tickets


Where can I book a ticket?
Please Contact Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Ticket Service on
(Please contact the organizer, if ticket service is not booking tickets for your performance.)


Can I get a ticket on the day of the performance?
It depends on the performance, please contact the organizer.


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About an access for disabled persons(how to enter the Hall)


Are there any spaces for wheelchairs or seats for disable persons?
There are 14 seats on the 1st floor in the Large Hall, and 4 seats in the Small Hall.
Please contact the organizer about it when you are booking your ticket.
Also when you reach the hall, please let our staff know, they will be ready to assist you.


How many toilets for the disabled are there?
There are 2 in the entrance lobby.


Can I borrow a wheelchair?
We have a limited number of wheelchairs to use, free of charge. Please contact us in advance for information.


Are there any disabled parking spaces?
The number of parking space is limited, please contact us in advance.
Also, it depends on the day, we may or may not be able to reserve the space for you.


Can I bring my guide dog?
Although you can, please contact the organizer in advance.


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About Children


Are there any day-care rooms for children? How can I book it?
Only when the organizer provides it, you can use it. Please contact the organizer for more details.


Are there cots and/or feeding rooms?
There is no feeding room; however, there is a cot in the female restroom in the entrance lobby.


Can children see the performance?
There might be an age restriction for performance, please contact the organizer.
Also, there are performances for children, please contact the organizer.
Also during summer holiday there are some performances for children organized by Tokyo Bunka Kaikan, please check the web site for more details.
※Information on the events organized by Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is here


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Use of Shop


Can I use the shop and the restaurant without a ticket?
A ticket is not necessary to visit the shop and restaurants.


Can I have a light meal before or during the break of the performance?
At the bar in the Hall Foyer, sandwiches, coffee, juices and alcohol are served.


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About the Performances in the Past


I would like to see inside of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan. Is there a tour?
There are back stage tours once or twice every year.
Please check information on events organized by Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.
※Information on events organized by Tokyo Bunka Kaika is here


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