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January 2015

M Main Hall R Recital Hall

Thu 1 --   closed
Fri 2 --   closed
Sat 3 15:00M Tokyo Bunka Kaikan New Year Concert 2015
-- R closed
Sun 4 --M GAME SYMPHONY JAPAN 3rd CONCERT -New Year Special 2015-
14:00 R Presentation of Yasuhisa Tohma's works
Mon 5 19:00 R Kazuoki Fujii Piano Recital
Tue 6 19:00 M Mikhailovsky Theatre "Giselle"
10:30 R The 8th Beten Music Competition - National Convention
Wed 7 19:00 M Mikhailovsky Theatre "Giselle"
18:30 R Musica Bohemica 30th Anniversary Piano Concert - Memorial to Prof. Jan Horak
Thu 8 19:00 M Mikhailovsky Theatre "Le Corsaire"
19:00 R Nobuyuki Nagaoka Piano Recital
Fri 9 19:00 M Mikhailovsky Theatre "Le Corsaire"
19:00 R Ko Saito Clarinet Recital
Sat 10 17:30 M No.37 Japan Flute Festival in Tokyo
14:00 R Takayoshi Yoshioka New Year Marimba Concert
19:00 R Yumi Aikawa Soprano Recital (Japanese Old Songs)
Sun 11 10:00 M The Concert 2015 of Orchestra, Wind Orchestra and Chorus Performed by High School Students in Tokyo
-- R Rehearsal
Mon 12 14:00 M The 12th Tokyo Music Competition 2014 Winners Concert
13:00 R The Great East Japan Earthquake Reconstruction assistance Charity concert - 4th "Sing in Messiah"
Tue 13 --M Closed Concert
Wed 14 15:00 M Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Backstage Tour
19:00 M Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Backstage Tour
11:00 R Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Morning Concert Vol.81 Yuna Shinohara (Vn)
19:00 R The 24th "Eiko Seyama & Einokai" - Akira Miyoshi Memorial Concert
Thu 15 19:00 M Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Subscription Concert No.782 A-series
19:00 R Masahiro Sayama Trio Concert
Fri 16 19:00 R Yuki Ito Cello Recital
Sat 17 -- M Rehearsal
14:00 R Music Weeks in TOKYO 2014 The Machinaka Concert : Machinaka Special vol.1
Sun 18 -- M Rehearsal
14:00 R Irina Mejoueva Piano Recital
Mon 19 -- M Rehearsal
18:30 R Neue Klange 5th concert
Tue 20 -- M Rehearsal
19:00 R Yuki Kanda Electone Concert
Wed 21 19:00 R Music Weeks in TOKYO@Platinum Series Vol.2: Hansjorg Schellenberger (Ob) &Yuzuko Horigome (Vn) & Shinichiro Nakano (Hpd) "Bach Contrast"
Thu 22 -- M Rehearsal
19:00 R Tokyo Performing Arts Festival 2015 Chamber Music Series No.14 "Piano Trio"
Fri 23 -- M Rehearsal
19:00 R Telemann Institute Japan Subscription Concert No.223
Sat 24 15:00 M The Fujiwara Opera G.Rossini "Falstaff"
Sun 25 15:00 M The Fujiwara Opera G.Rossini "Falstaff"
14:00 R New Songs Federation The 16th Concert (Vocal)
Mon 26 --   closed
Tue 27 --   closed
Wed 28 19:00 R The Frédéric Chopin Society of Japan The 269th Regular Concert - Yuma Osaki Piano Recital
Thu 29 -- M Rehearsal
18:45 R Japan Mozart Society Monthly Concert
Fri 30 -- M Rehearsal
19:00 R The 41st Subscription Concert of Morgaua Quartet
Sat 31 13:30 M Matsuyama Ballet New Version "Swan Lake"
14:00 R Very Young People's Concert for children 3-band their families

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