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December 2014

M Main Hall R Recital Hall (Closed May`December 11.)

Mon 1 --   closed
Tue 2 --   closed
Wed 3 18:30M The Bolshoi Ballet "La Bayadere"
Thu 4 12:00M The Bolshoi Ballet "La Bayadere"
18:30M The Bolshoi Ballet "La Bayadere"
Fri 5 --   closed
Sat 6 12:30M The Bolshoi Ballet "Don Quixote"
18:30M The Bolshoi Ballet "Don Quixote"
Sun 7 14:00M The Bolshoi Ballet "Don Quixote"
Mon 8 19:00M Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra Subscription Concert No.780 A-series
Tue 9 --   closed
Wed 10 --   closed
Thu 11 --   closed
Fri 12 11:00 R Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Morning Concert Vol.80 Koki Kuroiwa (Pf)
19:00 R Tokyo Harmonia Chamber Orchestra 49th Regular Concert
Sat 13 18:30 M Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Presents "The Japanese Classical Dance with Orchestra" Vol.2
14:00 R Hiromi Okada Piano Recital 2014
Sun 14 15:00 M Tokyo Bunka Kaikan Presents "The Japanese Classical Dance with Orchestra" Vol.2
14:00 R Naoki Tsurusaki (Vc) & Akiko Ebi (Pf)
19:00 R Komomo Yamazaki Soprano Recital
Mon 15 19:00 M Symphonic Christmas - Norie Suzuki(S), Fa Yuen Jhon(S), THE VOICE
18:45 R Japan Mozart Society Monthly Concert
Tue 16 18:30 R Nissho 195th Regular Concert
Wed 17 19:00 R -Canceled- Teruhiko Komori & Yoko Hattori Duo Recital vol.10
Thu 18 11:00 R The Collaboration of Musician and Japanese Traditional Comic Storyteller
19:00 R The 12th Kazuo Honma Memorial Charity Concert of Japan Braille Library Duo Recital , Takeshi Kakehashi (Pf) and Wolfgang David (Vn)
Fri 19 19:00 M The Tokyo Ballet "The Nutcracker"
19:00 R Trio Minstrels Concert Tour 2014
Sat 20 14:00 M The Tokyo Ballet "The Nutcracker"
18:00 R Aki Takahashi Piano Dramatic vol.10
Sun 21 14:00 M The Tokyo Ballet "The Nutcracker"
14:00 R Mayako Muroi Talk Concert
Mon 22 14:00 M Ave Maria in Christmas - St.Petersburg Chamber Ensemble Divertissement
19:00 R Kazuko Ninomiya Clarinet Recital XXVIII
Tue 23 14:00 M Special Concert 2014 of Tomin Symphony Orchestra
14:00 R Takayoshi Wanami Christmas Bach Series XXII "Bach plus two"
19:00 R Zheng Yu with her Friends 8th Concert (Chinese Traditional Instruments and Songs etc)
Wed 24 19:00 M Yuka Kamebui VOJA - Christmas Gospel Night 2014
19:00 R Ensemble Rococo The 28th Christmas Baroque Concert
Thu 25 19:00 M TMSO Special "Beethoven's 9th"
19:00 R Music Weeks in TOKYO 2014 - Platinum Series Vol.1 : Yosuke Yamashita (Pf) "The Christmas Jazz night"
Fri 26 18:30 M The 64th Messiah Concert
18:30 R Kaori Futenma Concert 2014
Sat 27 14:00 M Tokyo Ro-on 121th Concert of Beethoven Symphony 9th
13:00 R Yasuji Ohagi Guiter Recital
Sun 28 14:00 M Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra Special Concert
Mon 29 --   closed
Tue 30 --   closed
Wed 31 13:00 M Beethoven's all 9 Symphonies Concert 2014
14:00 R Beethoven String Quartet

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